Sam Edwards

The year has been real blast

Mixed with pleasure, and sadness and farce;

Its all gone so quick

I feel physically sick

Dissertations are a pain in the …..

I’m a graphic designer with a keen interest in colour, shape and form. From a young age art has influenced the way I think, but it was not until I started my Art Foundation course at college that I really started to understand the beauty and variety that graphic design has to offer. From the first graphics lesson at college I was hooked, and ever since then I have strived to develop artistically and understand what it takes to become a fully rounded designer.

The task for my final major project was to devise an idea that could be used for the packaging/advertising for a new product at Starbucks – frozen yogurt. Through exploration of the tea culture I started to explore patterns which led me to study geometric shapes and their effectiveness alongside colour. The final packaging is influenced by these areas and reflects how the tea culture has been modernised and adapted by such companies as Starbucks.

The D and AD brief was to create a content rich campaign that separated Talk Talk from other leading telecommunication providers. I decided to use the pop-art movement as inspiration for this project and examined the area of typography and its effectiveness within advertising.

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