Rob Turner

Hi, I’m Rob! I recently completed my BA honorary degree in Graphic Design. I like to make my work as innovative as possible, so that my work stands out. I hope that the original ideas will help inspire other people. I try to find inspiration from everywhere, such as forms taken from nature for my Final Major Project.

The name of my Final Major Project is called ‘Natural Revelation’. I took shapes, textures and organic forms taken from trees and created a visual graphic language. I also made different screen prints of different wood surfaces, which was used on the music video ‘Kyoto Garden’ by indie band Spector. The feeling of having my work out to the world is something I aspire to in many years to come.

For my D&AD project I made three Christopher Nolan film posters; Memento, Dark Knight and Inception. I also made three souvenirs for each film: a polaroid picture, a Joker card and a thaumatrope.


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Phone: 07580712277