Jordan Gillespie

Come and dip your toes into the psychedelic stream of Jordan Gillespie’s imagination. Through the combination of a 1960’s avant-garde, analogue process known as ‘liquid light shows’ and 21st century graphic design a myriad of psychedelic imagery awaits

‘Liquid Synthesis Delirium’ was recorded over a period of five months in Silkstone, Barnsley, UK. With this project I wanted to demonstrate how both analogue design and digital design can aid each other with the overarching theme of bringing 1960’s psychedelia in to the 21st century.

‘Liquid Synthesis Delirium’ (LSD) is the product of this.

Achieved through the combination of an avant-garde, psychedelic, process known as liquid light shows, 21st century graphic design software and my own digitally recorded music from analouge instrumentation. The joining of both the analogue and digital is also emphasised with the way my own digitally recorded music was converted to two vinyl records found in the ‘Liquid Synthesis Delirium’ package.

Please head over to my website to hear the music found on both vinyl records.


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